A photo-sharing app for emotion? Is it true or just talks

A photo-sharing app for emotion? Is it true or just talks


It is hard to find a person who come to SXSW Interactive to chat about an app they want to start and after that proceed it without giving any details or even a name. That it is why it was really mystifying to acknowledge that the CEO of Innovate Justin Cooke is going to start one of his new projects at the Decoded Fashion session.

Justin Cooke is the former TopShop CMO and Burberry marketer, who helped to intrude those brands’ digital initiatives. However, five years ago he left in order to start Innovate7, which might be characterized as 50/50 agency and product company.

It is a rare combination, but in order to assist brands modernize their businesses, Cooke involved in this team specialists from FB, Apple, Red Bull and Nike.

But they are not going to set limit on it. Justin Cooke is going to launch an app for iPhone that – according to his quotes – will be able to become a real corrival of the top five social networks.  That is rather brave claim. But in order to bring his plans into life, he has already got funding from investors whose names are still unknown. This fact triggered a lot of discussion.

Has this product been not named yet?

Cooke said that this app is going to be “about creating intuitive emotional experiences” and a team of specialists has been working on its creating for over 2 years.  He also mentioned that this new product will be featured on home page of App Store that will be used by singers and celebrities as Will.I.Am from day one. It is the truth that the artist seems to be backing back this story, mysteriously tweeting lately that he would soon start one of his biggest projects to date.  It wasn’t so easy to understand what Cooke was carrying over, but he might be going to create a photo-sharing app like Instagram where iPhone sensors are also used to gain the whole range of possibilities. Cooke also mentioned that this app will have something common with memory and it is based on emotion data. No matter how one will treat this information about a new app – foolish or mysterious- but Cooke seems to be confident that this app will be real in the nearest future.

In his previous interviews Cooke has also said that he want to be a British version of S. Jobs or M. Zuckerberg.  Of course he might become one, but Cooke is better professional in fashion world rather than in technology.

Who knows what happens next but you can be sure that TechCrunch will be looking after the state of this announcement, because the app is out, as it is said, in a few weeks or so.