Meet New Instagram Direct

Meet New Instagram Direct


Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram, at a press even in NY has declared that Instagram have prepared a nice surprise for its users. He introduced a private photo-sharing and messaging service that is named Instagram Direct. 

It is a well known faсt that Instagram is a social network that is based on a broadcast system, but not on friendship ties like Facebook. Instagram Direct is a new step of development for the company. From now and on Instagram users have a possibility to chat and share their photos and videos privately. Before this app they could like and leave comments only exposed to general knowledge.

The principle of its work:

- You log in to post a photo, as you used to do, but now you will see two icons on the top of the page that propose you to post to Followers or Direct.

-  If you choose Direct, you can post your photo and leave a message directly to a certain friend and it will be seen only by your chosen friend. When your friend reads the message and sees the photo, it will get a mark that it’s been read. Instagram Direct lets users to chat and like photos directly from there.

-  Via Instagram Direct you are able to send such message up to 15 users, and this app also proposes you who can be these receivers.

- If you get such message via Instagram Direct, you will find a small inbox icon at the right top corner that will send you right to a message you have been sent. You also get an opportunity to chat twosome or with a group of users.

Users can send each other such messages if you follow each other mutual. If a user doesn’t follow someone, but you’ve been sent such private message, you will get a pending request rather than an income message in your personal inbox.  In the case if you accept this request, this person is able to send you direct messages that will be landed in the inbox.

Instagram users are not able to send each other messages without a photo. In order to start chatting, one must send a message containing a photo.  Instagrammers used to have definite options for privacy on the network with a possibility to block some users or point out your profile with a private mark. That means that you must to confirm follow requests. However, the try to make Instagram more private social network is a good idea.

Messaging adds a new layer of engagement to the app. Now it is going to be much easier for users to start chatting with their friends, knowing that no strangers will be involved in their conversation.